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Bacteria and viruses are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics and drugs. A strange irony is that even when antibiotics are effective against harmful bacteria, they can still lower the immune system. We need something that:

  • Will destroy a very wide range of pathogens quickly and efficiently.
  • Will not allow pathogens to mutate or develop a resistance.
  • Will not further compromise our own immune system.
  • Will be completely non toxic if we take it regularly.

Picture this. Tomorrow morning you have an important business meeting or interview and tonight you have come down with some nasty bug. Do you cancel? Or do you go anyway and sneeze all over your potential business partners/clients. Or... do you go to your drawer and take a good dose of a completely safe, wide spectrum pathogen killer, that might just get you back on track for tomorrow morning?

If your child comes down with a bad cold or flu on a Friday night and you local doctor is not open until Monday morning; do you let them suffer all weekend and hope that the doctor will be able to fit you in on Monday morning? If you work over the weekend, do you lose money as you have to take time off to look after your child? Or... do you go to your drawer and give them a safe wide range pathogen killer that might get them back on their feet very quickly?

We all have reasons why we cannot afford to be ill from time to time and need something safe and effective that they can take straight away. It is not the intension of this website to suggest that you do not need to go to your doctor, but if you have something that is safe and proven effective, why wait? Why not take action straight away, even if it is 3.00AM? Why wait to make an appointment, then drive there, then wait, then go to the pharmacy to get your prescription? Why not take something then and there? You can still go to the doctors later.

This is why the Colloidal Silver is the First Line Of Defense. Its there ready to use 24/7. Its  like carrying jump leads in the trunk of your car, when you car battery is flat, you want them straight away, not tomorrow morning.


Learn how to heal yourself with Collodial Silver and as a bonus you'lll also discover another natural antibiotic too, plus more healing herbs that puts any local pharmacy out of businesss! Buy it now!
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